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Tat2Nut Vegan Artists receive much more than World Class Products.

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The Tat2Nut network is bringing together amazingly talented artists. We are looking to grow our network of Artists offering Vegan Tattoo Aftercare.

Our benefits


World class, unique products. According to many award-winning tattoo artists, outperform competitor product ranges.


We only supply a few artists in an area. We keep our numbers limited to only the best artists, so we can guarantee a higher level of exclusivity. Free page on our website, plus ongoing marketing support.

Tat2Nut Pro Process Cream


Tat2Nut contains Baobab oil, plus a unique blend of skin rejuvenating ingredients.


Artists report up to 20% longer sitting times. Meaning they can complete tattoos quicker than normal. Reducing the need for extra appointments.


The main reasons artists switch to Tat2nutPro is because its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness, soothes and calms the skin and improves customer experience. And, it goes a long way!


Tat2NutPro is available in 100ml airless pumps and 200ml tubs.

Tat2Nut Lite.


Tattoo premium aftercare 10ml pots available exclusively to Tat2Nut studios


We aim to drive more clients to artists and studios. Creating products and services that help to set them apart from their competitors.

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