Tat2nut Lite

Fast healing aftercare cream

Tat2nut Wash

Gently cleans fresh tattoos

Tat2nut Foam

Cleans without water

Tat2nut Combo

Cleans and repairs on the go

Baobab Duo

2-in-1 Piercing aftercare cream

What is Tat2nut?

Tat2nut is a vegan specific tattoo skincare range that is easy to use, gentle and soothing on all types of skin.


Helps regenerate the skin


Stops itching and skin flaking


Easily absorbed


Oil from the Baobab tree

For Artists and Studios

Process Cream

Artists report up to 20% longer sitting times. Meaning they can complete tattoos quicker than normal. Reducing the need for extra appointments.

Premium Aftercare

Tattoo premium aftercare 10ml pots only to Tat2Nut studios.

Growing the Brand

The Tat2Nut network is bringing together amazingly talented artists. We are looking to grow our network of artists offering Vegan Tattoo.

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Where does Baobab oil come from?

Baobab oil is derived from the seeds of the fruit of baobab trees. The baobab tree grows mainly in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. Each year the flowers bloom and create fruit. This fruit has a seed which can be cold pressed to extract the oil.

How much Tat2Nut do I need to use?

All Tat2nut products are formulated with effectiveness in mind. They are powerful yet gentle and a little goes a long way.

How often do I apply?

You can use Tat2nut products including our cleanser and aftercare as often as you feel the need to.

Can I Buy Tat2Nut products from any tattoo studio?

Tat2Nut is only stocked by Tattoo Studios approved by the our team. To find the closest studio to where you live, check the Studio Page.